Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lockjaw Compressor

73 Effects doesn't normally do anything subtle, what with the crazy fuzzes and delay pedals with a million knobs. However, sometimes you just need something to add sustain, give your clean notes a bit more "snap" or to even out the transients in your picking. You know - subtle. The Lockjaw compressor does just that. Based on the tried-and-true Ross circuit, it's pretty straightforward, with Level, Compression and three-way Recovery controls. The recovery switch gives you more control over how quickly the compression lets go of the note you just played. It's useful to dial in just the right feel for fast country chicken-pickin' or shreddy metal wankery. Updates on the old Ross compressor include true bypass switching, metal-film resistors for lower noise and a 9v adapter jack. Lockjaws are available for $149 and a standard 4-week lead time.

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