Thursday, March 5, 2015

Without further delay: Introducing the Echo Lab

This one has been in the works for literally years. Back-burnered since about 2011, the Echo Lab finally makes its debut. The Echo Lab is an analog-voiced digital delay and reverb pedal that provides about 600ms of delay time and modulation for a chorus effect on the repeats. Some might call it "tape warble" but there's no tape in here so I'm not calling it that. Either way it sounds cool. You can dial in everything from a quick slapback to cascading repeat feedback that can cause seizures. The modulation will add a hint of chorus or warped seasickness with a flashing rate LED to help you keep an eye on things. The reverb is based on the Accutronics BTDR-3 digital brick that gives everything from a dark room to a bright cavern. With a mix, tone and decay control you have more control over your reverb than you probably ever thought you needed. You can cut the dry signal, so all you get is the reverb. Great for volume swell-like effects. Loads of potential here. Traditional reverb and delay or freakout noise machine- its all in how you twiddle the knobs.

Echo Labs are available for $275, lead time is standard 4 weeks. 

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  1. The reverb will depend on the Accutronics BTDR-3 digital brick which gives everything from a dark room to your bright cavern.

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