Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Product Pipeline Update

WIth the update to the Super-Fuzz complete, be on the lookout for two new products. One is the eternally-dalayed Wee Heavy Overdrive/Boost, and the other is the Echo Lab Delay. The Wee Heavy is still in the prototype phase. it's a hot-rodded DOD 250 and negative-feedback JFET boost in one. The Echo Lab is almost ready to go - just finalizing which options I want to make available. it's based on a PT2399 lo-fi digital delay chip that includes delay-time modulation to simulate old-school tape echo effects, or can be used as a chorus effect or to make brain-scrambling psychedelic weirdness. It has about 600ms of delay and has a disctinct analog sound. It's very cool and very versatile. Stay tuned.

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